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What is Generic?

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Generic lamps are compatible or copy lamps not manufactured by the OEM lamp manufacturing company. A generic lamp will usually cost significantly less than an OEM product because of:

  • inferior workmanship quality
  • lower manufacturing costs
  • poor and inconsistent product lifespan

If you’re buying a generic high performance lamp, be prepared to eat the cost of its usage. An OEM product may last 3 times as long for only a few extra dollars. There is risk of premature explosion and loss of lumens associated with purchasing an off-brand, or generic lamp product.

For example: If you buy an OEM Philips for your television, it may cost about $150, but last you 3 years. If you purchase an off-brand, generic product for $100, you will have save $50, but the lamp may only last about 6 months to 1 year. The cost-benefit analysis maintains you’d be better off purchasing the OEM lamp. You can even purchase a compatible brand name such as Osram–though it may not last as long as the Philips, it has a more consistant lilfespan than the generic manufacturer.

Digital projection lamp: original vs. imitation

Digital projection lamp: original vs. imitation. Source: Philips Lighting

If you’re concerned about purchasing generic products, or have purchased a generic product by mistake, call the merchant you purchased the product from. It is your right to ask them if they sell an original product for your television–anything else is misleading. You should also find out which brands are OEM for your television. For a detailed guide, please visit our Lamp and Brand Guide.