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The KEMA Report

Philips has recently released the KEMA Report, an independent study aimed at exposing the costs of buying generic and copy-cat products instead of the OEM or original lamp product. From the Philips Digital Projection Lighting Website:

Message from Philips with regard to KEMA report

Dear reader,

with a worldwide replacement lamp market being about US$1billion worth, copy makers started to step into this business as well. As a result of this, many internet sites offer a variety of replacement lamps for projectors and rear projection television sets.

However, there are many concerns over copy lamps both from the bulb manufacturers themselves as the brands selling the projectors and TV sets.

The IP rights on bulb technology are held by the original bulb manufacturers. If a lamp is proven to have infringed IP’s, than anyone selling it, is commercially at risk of legal proceedings.

Secondly, because copy lamps are not being produced in conjunction with the projector development, no guarantee can be given that the copy lamp will work well within the existing lamp set-up.

The third concern is a safety issue which raises a lot of questions when using a copy lamp; use of none genuine bulb might cause electrical short circuits which could lead to explosions and fire.

To examine the quality of those “compatible” or copy lamps, compared to the originally Philips manufactured lamps, we started a benchmark study in cooperation with the KEMA test house. Four different lamp types have been measured and compared: two for rear projection and two for front projection of which one based on DLP™ (Digital Light Processing™ is a technology invented by Texas Instruments) technology and one based on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology.

You can read the outcome of this benchmark study in attached KEMA report and summary.

Kind regards,

Caroline Robert

Segment Manager Aftermarket DPL

Philips Digital Projection Lighting

Tinne Van Deun

MarCom Officer DPL

Philips Digital Projection Lighting

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