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Working with Lamps and Housing Units

This is an important reminder that we recommend replacing both the lamp and housing unit at the same time when the television has been in use for over a period of 2 years. DLP and LCD projection television owners should note the quality and structural integrity of their plastic enclosure, or lamp cage, and make sure it’s fit for use. Lamp housings that are brittle or warped should be replaced. If you’re unsure, it’s worth the extra $10-20 so you’ll never have a problem down the line.

Replacing the lamp enclosure for projector lamps is essential. Projector lamps put out way more energy than a television lamp and extreme warping may occur. Old, worn out lamp cases and containment units may also pose a fire hazard if seriously warped. Most consumers purchasing a lamp for a projector won’t have to worry though because most retailers sell projector lamp units with the plastic case.

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