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Working with Lamps and Housing Units

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

This is an important reminder that we recommend replacing both the lamp and housing unit at the same time when the television has been in use for over a period of 2 years. DLP and LCD projection television owners should note the quality and structural integrity of their plastic enclosure, or lamp cage, and make sure it’s fit for use. Lamp housings that are brittle or warped should be replaced. If you’re unsure, it’s worth the extra $10-20 so you’ll never have a problem down the line.

Replacing the lamp enclosure for projector lamps is essential. Projector lamps put out way more energy than a television lamp and extreme warping may occur. Old, worn out lamp cases and containment units may also pose a fire hazard if seriously warped. Most consumers purchasing a lamp for a projector won’t have to worry though because most retailers sell projector lamp units with the plastic case.

Naughty Internet Retailers & Misleading Keywords

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

We’ve all heard the differences between OEM Replacement and OEM Compatible and OEM Original, but here at lamp research, we’ve seen it diluted in the keywords of a lot of online retailers of Philips and Osram lamp products.

Buyer Beware! Don’t buy OEM Compatible or Replacement lamps. The word compatible usually means a generic, while replacement can mean a variety of things. If you have any doubt in your mind, call the company before you buy. Ask if it’s the same lamp that came in your TV or not! Our general rule of thumb here is that the best lamps are usually Philips which is 100% compatible with most television lamps. If not a Philips, try an Osram. Then if not Osram, think again before you buy. Lamps are usually designed to work with the ballast that power them. Philips lamps are always preferred with a Philips lamp driver (or ballast) in most circumstances!

Here are some examples of websites listing OEM Compatible, Replacement, or Original. We will be examining the Philips LCOS television with lamp unit part number 312243871310. The original lamp is manufactured by Philips Lighting.

The company claims to not sell OEM replacements!

The company claims to not sell OEM compatible...

Clearly someone didn't get the memo.

But they do offer an OEM replacement! The listing doesn't show if it's a Philips lamp or not, but this company is rumored to be the same company as River Valley Electronics, so we know they don't sell Philips. sells an Original OEM Philips, but says it's an original Philips/Magnavox! We know DM is one of the largest Philips distributors, so we'll let that slide this time.

PartStore has the best listing, but their prices are quite high.

PartStore has the best listing, but their prices are quite high. You can definitely find it cheaper elsewhere. PartStore is a good source for other parts you can't find anywhere else.

This company is known to sell Osram, not Philips. In this case, OEM Replacement is very misleading!

This company is known to sell Osram, not Philips. In this case, OEM Replacement is very misleading! buyer Beware! Don't be fooled into buying an Osram lamp for a Philips TV, when Philips is obviously the better brand.

We're not sure if they are OEM or not, but they claim that it is (And that's one really good price if it is!) If you get an Osram from for this lamp model or Philips part number, ask for an exchange! has actually ordered parts from most of these internet retailers before and we can tell you that you get what you pay for, so call and ask before you order. Ask for genuine. Ask for OEM. Ask if they are an official, authorized distributor.

We’ll keep updating this list, but it’s safe to say, stay away from companies that mislead you on OEM product. You could buy a cheaper product, but you’ll pay for it in the end! As we stated before, if you aren’t sure about it, call the company and ask. Better yet, call a few companies. Making 2-3 phone calls to reputable dealers will save you $$$ in the long run.

So River Valley Electronics makes our naughty list for misleading customers, while other internet retailers for OEM lamps receive kudos. This Christmas season, make sure you buy an original lamp for your television, and Santa won’t leave you a lump of coal!

The KEMA Report

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Philips has recently released the KEMA Report, an independent study aimed at exposing the costs of buying generic and copy-cat products instead of the OEM or original lamp product. From the Philips Digital Projection Lighting Website:

Message from Philips with regard to KEMA report

Dear reader,

with a worldwide replacement lamp market being about US$1billion worth, copy makers started to step into this business as well. As a result of this, many internet sites offer a variety of replacement lamps for projectors and rear projection television sets.

However, there are many concerns over copy lamps both from the bulb manufacturers themselves as the brands selling the projectors and TV sets.

The IP rights on bulb technology are held by the original bulb manufacturers. If a lamp is proven to have infringed IP’s, than anyone selling it, is commercially at risk of legal proceedings.

Secondly, because copy lamps are not being produced in conjunction with the projector development, no guarantee can be given that the copy lamp will work well within the existing lamp set-up.

The third concern is a safety issue which raises a lot of questions when using a copy lamp; use of none genuine bulb might cause electrical short circuits which could lead to explosions and fire.

To examine the quality of those “compatible” or copy lamps, compared to the originally Philips manufactured lamps, we started a benchmark study in cooperation with the KEMA test house. Four different lamp types have been measured and compared: two for rear projection and two for front projection of which one based on DLP™ (Digital Light Processing™ is a technology invented by Texas Instruments) technology and one based on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology.

You can read the outcome of this benchmark study in attached KEMA report and summary.

Kind regards,

Caroline Robert

Segment Manager Aftermarket DPL

Philips Digital Projection Lighting

Tinne Van Deun

MarCom Officer DPL

Philips Digital Projection Lighting

Web resource: Philips Lighting