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How Many People Need Lamps?

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Recently, Luth Research, a leader in survey design and research study, conducted a survey of over 160,000 Americans to find out what kind televisions they owned. With Luth Research’s assistance, Lamp Research will aim to find out how many Americans have a need for digital projection lamps. This research study was commissioned by MI Technologies, Inc., owner of lamp retailer — an authorized Philips distributor.

First, the data:

TOTAL Conventional / CRT Plasma Flat Screen LCD Flat screen Projection Other, Please Specify
162855 125908 29345 55302 12176 2495
100.00% 77.31% 18.02% 33.96% 7.48% 1.53%

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Next, we’ll analyze the numbers to find out two things: How many lamps need to be produced by OEM Manufacturer Philips Lighting, and how many Americans will need lamps if lamps last approximately 6,000 hours.

We know that over 290 million Americans own televisions (Cal State University Northridge), so if we were to make an educated guess using the date collected by Luth Research, we could say that approximately 21 million Americans own some sort of projection television at home.  From other industry sources, we also know that as of 2004, over 5 million DLPs have been sold. Obviously more have been sold since then, but we can use 2004 numbers to say that there are at least 23.8% of projection televisions owned by Americans today are DLPs. This is only about 2%, but that doesn’t include LCD projection or other consumer electronics that utilize digital light projection.

According to the Luth Research Study, of the 12,000 Americans surveyed with projection televisions, over 70% have a Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, RCA, Mitsubishi, or Hitachi projection television sets. This means that there are many owners of digital projection lighting television sets out there with a name brand set using name brand equipment. That market is big, and while it’s not growing as it used to, the consumer base is there and millions of digital projection lamps will be needed in the near future!

Of the manufactures listed, most use Philips as their OEM lamp, and by our projections, Philips will need to produce over a million lamps per month over the course of the next few years to meet the demands of both DLP and LCD projection manufacturers, and consumer replacement parts.

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